Vibgyor Laboratories (INDIA)

We have 4 major sections here, Liquid Orals, Ophthalmic, Capsules and Powder.

Liquid – Oral Section

To avoid cross contamination, we have made separate entries for man and materials. The personnel's entry is restricted through 3 air-locks. To minimize the air contamination, we have placed an Air Handling Unit (AHU) with 5 microns pore size filters. We are very vigilant and assertive with quality of water used for manufacturing. We laid down a Reverse Osmosis plant (filter size .0005 microns) with a UV rays treatment. Our QC head personally keeps track of daily record of Total Dissolve Solids.

Ophthalmic Section

This section is one of the most sensitive section in a pharmaceutical. The entry is blocked by Black, Grey and White rooms and in Grey room personnel has to pass through UV rays. The entry rooms have indicators and buzzers to alert the entering personnel. The section maintains an ambient temperature with prescribed RH. The air is sterilized by using a .03 microns AHU.

Capsule Section

Suitable environment conditions for products handled and maintained by installation of air controllers. Effective air extraction systems, with discharge points situated to avoid contamination of other products and processes is provided. The raw material here is highly hygroscopic, to avoid the inverse condition, a BRY AIR de-humidifier is employed to maintain the accurate percentage of humidity. For the maintenance of appropriate temperature of section a provision of Anti-Air Lock system is provided.

Powder Section

Most scientific technology is applied to manufacture the powders as to maintain the equilibrium of vitamins, minerals and Anti Oxidants.