Frist time in India OPTIMUS Developing Infant Receives DHA form Mother through Placenta during pregnancy and in Breast Milk after Birth Recommended Dose of DHA is 200-300 mg per Day for Pregnant and Nursing Women (3 Tablespoon Full per Day)

  • Protein Powder Sugar Free With DHA .
  • Enhanced Solubility
  • Zero Residue (unlike Granules)
  • Full Body Balanced Flavor
  • Instant Absorption with ZERO Wastage
  • No-Stick-Factor from Buckle-Cavity Right through Alimentary Canal
  • DHA – Elixir for Expecting & Lactating Mothers
  • DHA - Vital for Healthy Visual and Mental Development of the Infants in-Utero
  • DHA - Nourishing Infancy on nutritious Mothers' Milk
  • DHA - Extends Gestational Age of Mother and Baby